This blog doesn’t get very much input – the burial ground itself gets plenty. This spring the wildflower area is having additional seed scattered, but already some of the cowslips are making themselves known to the emerging bumble bees.

Three months in

It’s about three months since we opened the burial ground. We currently have one coffin and one cremation burial on site, and I think everyone is pleased with how things have turned out. The wildflower grass meadow is thriving, although with the strange weather we’ve had recently it’s unclear if we’ll have much of a […]


When we made the pedestrian entry into the burial ground, we were forced to remove some soil in which snowdrops had been planted by folk living in Churchend. Where reasonably practicable we relocated them to the adjacent verges, and we’re very happy to note their return. Snowdrops represent some of the first signs of returning […]