At Charfield Burial Ground we seek to offer a place to meet all needs. From single and double depth burial plots, through cremation urn interments to a rose garden where ashes may freely be scattered. Although the site is too small to consider woodland burial, we do have sheltered areas with tree plantings beneath which plots can be located.

Our facility is still young, but when funds permit we will erect an oak shelter at the top of the site. This building will offer shelter during inclement weather, as well as a meeting place and a home for memorial plaques for those who choose to place them.

In keeping with our low impact ethos, there is no electricity or mains water on the site. However, a rainwater collection butt collects water from the roof of the adjacent church of St James. You are welcome to take water from there.

Likewise, we deliberately do not have litter bins on site, trusting that our visitors will take non-compostable waste away with them. The compost bins at the bottom of the field will take dead and faded flowers (but not plastic wrappers or flowerpots) once they are finished with at the graveside.

You can download a PDF of the burial ground layout by clicking here. We are currently interring on the west side of the ground (left hand side on layout sketch) and the central section is sewed with wildflowers and meadow grasses. Once the west side is full we shall begin interring in the meadow section. Cremation plots exist on both sides of the ground and again we are currently interring from the west side.