Charfield Burial Ground is intended to operate with respectful awareness of the needs of both human and non-human users. We manage a facility that is caring, pleasant and efficient for the final resting place of our loved ones.

At the same time we seek to maximise the value of the site for the smaller mammals, reptiles, birds and insects that populate our landscape. We do this through appropriate planting and land management. Ultimately this enhances the site and benefits human and non-human alike.

The wet stone walls that border our burial ground are home to slow-worm and beetle. High overhead, swifts and swallows fly through the air catching insects in their chaotic aerial dance. At night, hedgehogs come out of the undergrowth and patrol the site at night under starry skies patrolled by bats.

Under the summer Sun, butterflies sip nectar from buddleia, scabious and thistle. The grasses and wildflowers are allowed to grow in areas not occupied by burial plots, and borders and rose garden are planted with colourful and bee-friendly varieties. Our wildflower meadow, like all natural spaces, can look beautiful or a little wild depending on the season. But even in the depths of winter, there is potential.